Quality Control & Quality Assurance

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  • Instrument calibration will be done on the field to avoid instrumental and operators errors.
  • Data Quality will be tested in real time using our mobile lab. Which equipped with high precision computers and advanced up-to-date software
  • The accuracy of the works will be tested. Required tests shall be performed on each stage after completion of each stage, general excavation and backfilling works will be the responsibility of Client


The health and safety shall perform a splendid role in all construction activities to ensure that all
the works are being carried out in a safe manner and creating a healthy environment at site. All
works performed by individuals shall comply with the JSDP health and safety standards.
Project supervisor shall conduct regular toolbox meetings and explain the requirements of JSDP
and other special needs to create a safe working environment. He is responsible for achieving the
target and the project milestones.

  • Weekly safety statistics reports and safety performance reports etc. shall be prepared and recorded.
  • Daily safety task assignment to be prepared
  • Man shelters shall be provided to protect the workers from adverse climatic condition, i.e. sand storm, high temperature.
  • Potable water source shall be provided for adequate numbers for workers


  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hand-held sirens
  • Warning Signage
  • Radium Jackets
  • Safety Helmets & Shoes
  • Emergency Medical assistance kit
  • Overhead Lights

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